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Major Projects

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Coming Apart

We all go through breakups —and not just with lovers. We break up with friends, family, versions of ourselves, and even ideas, places, and objects.

Coming Apart is a collection of 30 short stories that looks at breakups in all their forms, and what life looks like on the other side of the ending.

I am currently querying this collection.

Free or Less

When I find out my best friend is pregnant, grief overshadows any glimmer of joy I feel. It’s not because I’ve struggled with infertility or don’t have a partner to reproduce with—it’s because I thought we would be childfree together. I spiral to the point where I can barely look at a child. My mental health and relationships are brought to the brink of collapse, and I embark on an exploration of societal, familial, and personal pressure, peppered with humour. Can I overcome my anguish, and salvage my relationships and myself? Join me as I answer the question: is an existence without children free, or less?

I am currently querying this unmotherhood memoir.

Snow Geese Migrating
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