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My Screen Debut on the Author Journey!

Updated: Apr 19

Update: I had so much fun with Anne, watch the recording of our conversation here:

Get your laptop cued up and your popcorn popped and spend tomorrow afternoon with me on the Youtube/Facebook/LinkedIn show, the Author Journey.

I first met Anne O’Connell at the writers open mic I host, Dart Speak. She was there with a collection of her writers from OC Publishing… She also did a great reading herself! We’ve kept in touch, and I was excited when she invited me onto her show, which highlights indie, self-published, and traditionally published authors by sharing stories of their journeys, writing processes, and sources of inspiration.

I answered her right away. That would be amazing Anne… But do I count as an author?! I haven’t tricked anyone into publishing one of my books yet! (Or something to that effect). I’ve always considered myself a writer but thought of an author as someone with full length works out in the world.

You are so an author! You have books written and write lots of short stories and poetry.

She didn’t have to tell me twice. I’m so looking forward to speaking with her tomorrow about the role of writers’ groups, open mics, and contests in my author journey. And of course, my forthcoming unmotherhood memoir, Free or Less, which I’m currently querying.

Tune in to listen live at 4 ADT tomorrow on the OC Publishing YouTube Channel.

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